Distributed Denial of Service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks intentionally misuse bandwidth resources in order to bring down your sites, networks, and applications.These attacks are in the news so often because they have an immediate impact on organizations, staff, and customers. In contrast, malware attacks from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) can remain undetected for months or even years.

With DDoS attacks, customers may be unable to access an organization’s website or applications and are victims of the attack along with the members of the organization. Ultimately, organizations lose revenue, customers, and their reputations are tarnished as a result.

A DDoS attack can also be used as a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from a hidden reason. For instance, while IT and Incident Responders are busy trying to deter a DDoS attack, hackers may be working to gain access to customer PII, financial data, trade secrets, or intellectual property. DDoS attacks can last days, weeks, or even months, causing lost revenue, exorbitant expenses, and reduced consumers’ and business partners’ trust.

DDoS Testing and Mitigation

Pingaksho simulates this type of attack in an attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and bandwidth limitations to generate a Denial of Service. Pingaksho will work with you to establish the Rules of Engagement and identify which of our full suite of services will be available to the testing team. These tests are then performed safely with tools obtained from well-established sources and include BackTrack’s open source penetration testing suite, SAINTs, NMAP, the MetaSploit Frameworkd, Hydra, LOIC, HOIC, and our custom developed tools.

In addition to testing for vulnerabilities, we make sure the protective measures guarding your system are kept updated. Pingaksho partners with appliance providers to deliver an award-winning, real-time infiltration prevention device that will shield networks and applications against numerous threats, including DDoS attacks. Once malicious activity is detected, our service acts quickly, routing suspicious traffic through a cleansing center. The appliance defends against intrusions and flood attacks without stopping legitimate users from accessing the information that they need.

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