Spam Filters

Pingaksho’s Spam Filters enable you to secure email and productivity infrastructure with effective and accurate real-time anti-spam and anti-malware protection, targeted attack protection, advanced content filtering, DLP, and email encryption. The Pingaksho team deploys, integrates, and configures the spam filter, data leak, and virus protections at the gateway level.

Key Features:
  • Anti-Spam gateway blocks more than 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positive and real-time automatic updates
  • Anti-Spam filtering engine- a set of technologies that identify email threats based on reputation on both the global and local level
  • Effective DLP capabilities ensuring the client continuously remains in regulatory compliance
  • Customer Rules allowing simple methods to create rules based on email considered to be spam or on potentially targeted attacks
  • Optional encryption integration with vendor Content Encryption or Gateway Email Encryption

Web Filter

The majority of organizations deploy a web filtering solution that eliminates undesirable URLs to ensure employees are unable to visiting known malicious websites, or sites that violate company policies. This security posture is not strong enough to protect a business in the current cyber threat landscape.

The Pingaksho experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) have observed that in any given month, up to 90% of legitimate, non-malicious websites were compromised by malicious websites. The Pingaksho Web Filters will prevent this type of Malware from infiltrating a legitimate website and interfering with your business operations; URL filtering alone won’t.

Key Features of Pingaksho Web Filters:
  • Detects threats in real-time
  • Uses context to reduce false positives and cut management overhead
  • Powered by the collective wisdom of over 210 million systems
  • Easy identification of infected users and client detection to enable fast remediation
  • Botnet identification and remediation capabilities ensure users aren’t unknowingly or knowingly sending sensitive data out of the organization
  • Multiple layers of protection against Malware protection
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